Career Switcher Program

Upskill your career, learn and be part of the fastest growing industry

If the answer to the above questions is an emphatic YES – then you are at the right place. Gradious Career Switcher Program is just the thing for you.

Why career in Software industry?

Since the millennium-bug the software industry has seen tremendous growth. More recently the outsourcing of software jobs, has resulted in its boom in India.  This exponential growth leads to several employment opportunities. It is an ideal job avenue to explore for those thinking of a career change, or for those looking to re-enter the job market after a break.
It might seem like a complex field with all the talk about code and programming languages. But all one needs is a analytical mind and problem-solving skills. Gaining a competitive edge and standing out in the crowd to get placed can be easy with the help of the right training and guidance. 

What we offer

Training in leading edge technology skills

Whether you are planning for a career change, or wanting to upgrade your skills, or trying to get back to working, obtaining the right skill set is the key.
A perfect training program is one which:
  • Identifies the right skill needed for gaining a proper foothold in the lucrative software industry
  • Provides a comprehensive training plan that would help you stand out in this highly competitive software industry

 We offer training programs that are: 

  • Job-focused, 
  • Industry-tested, 
  • Pedagogy-based,
  • Totally-transparent.

Why Gradious

Training in leading edge technology skills

Our programs are designed for fresh graduates & professionals with zero or minimal programming experience

  • Created by industry professionals
  • Use simple tools and clear explanations
  • Offer insight into the world of professional software developers
  • Enable you to Stand-Out in a competitive job market
  • Chance to get an internship from our hiring partners 

Our project-based curriculum along with regular workshops with industry leaders guarantees that you are productive from day one of your job.

A 360-degree development program that includes soft skills, and personality development along with technical know-how, ensures that every learner becomes a team player and is the best fit in any organization.

Gradious Advantage​

We offer the twin advantage of real-time experience along with dedicated guidance:


Industry trainers – Our curriculum is driven by the software professionals. They bring with them vast “on-the-field” experience and come from varied domain backgrounds. They teach from their experience and are in a position to not only impart knowledge but also share insights into real-world situations.


Dedicated associates – Each trainer is supported by a team of qualified and dedicated associates. These associates are there with the learner every step of their training. They not only offer dedicated support, but also supplement with their experience and knowledge.

We follow a fully tested and proven training process:

  • Topic Explanation – The concepts explained in detail by our trainers
  • Evaluation – An immediate and thorough evaluation to ensure understanding
  • Use Case Walkthrough – A real-time usage example of the topic under study
  • Individual Assignments – To implement and further expand the concept
  • Assignment Evaluation – To quantify the understanding of the topic

We understand the importance of communication and team-work for the success of any project. Hence, we have incorporated into the curriculum a soft skills regime wherein the learners get to hone on their communication skills – written and oral, interpersonal interactionspersonality developmentetiquette and decorum.

Our Offerings

You can choose from our programs for a full-stack developer or DevOps/InfraOps professional

Full Stack Software Developer​

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Front End Basic – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Computer Architecture and Working with Operating systems
  • Front End Advanced – ReactJS
  • Backend – Node JS
  • Database & MySQL
  • End-to-End Application Building
  • Software Engineering
  • Live Project

Infrastructure & DevOps​

  •  Infrastructure Fundamentals – Linux basics, networking, system monitoring
  • AWS Fundamentals
  • Specializations (Optional):
    •  DevOps – Jenkins, Ansible, cloud automation, docker, Kubernetes
    • CloudOps – monitoring overview, cloud watch, CVE & patching, server & infra provisioning, data migration, backup & restore