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Easy-to-use all-in-one Learning Management System to streamline product training and knowledge sharing

  • Single integrated platform 
  • Built for online, offline and hybrid learning 
  • Collaborative block based editor for content creation
  • Varied evaluation options – MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Short and long answers 
  • Code editor & Auto code evaluation across multiple coding languages 
  • AI based proctoring with recording and preview
  • Detailed analytics and reporting


Integrated, robust online evaluation tool

  • Clear And Transparent Rubrics
  • Seamless student and examiner experince
  • Multiple evaluation options – MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Short and long answers
  • Evaluate software coding with our code editor
  • Auto evaluation with manual overrides
  • AI based proctoring with recording and preview

For Companies

Talent Training

Give your fresh hires the best opportunity to succeed from day one.

Get your fresh hires fully trained from our pedagogy based training process. Let your teams focus on delivering business results while we focus on building your young teams. We create a customized and engaging learning experience that inspire and motivate learners on their path of growth. We follow a strict “Measure everything, guess nothing” policy.

Talent Scouting

We will make finding trainable talent affordable.

In this age of immediate requirements and instant results, finding the right talent and getting them engaged has become priceless. We partner with your HR team to design and implement initial screening and selection process for fresher. Your team only needs to meet few shortlisted candidates.

For Individuals

JumpStart Program

Software Developer Prep Course

The software industry is growing exponentially and offers several employment opportunities. Many people perceive this field as too complex and don’t consider it as a job prospect.

This six-week course created by Industry professionals, uses simple tools and clear explanations for you to gain the confidence needed to get started with your software development career.

Nano Degree

Industry-aligned, practice-driven guided learning program for a kickass software engineer

14-week immersive course designed to fit multiple software learning plans with the innate daily challenges. Learn to work collaboratively in a team to simulate real world scenarios along with a continuous feedback from both peers and instructors, which is baked into the program.

At the end of this program, the you would have garnered the skills to start working on client projects. And to top it all, it's absolutely free. The Nano-degree is a company sponsored program, wherein the enterprises would select candidates as part of the freshers program and sponsor the learning.

Career Switcher

Upskill your career, learn and be part of the fastest growing industry

Returning after a sabbatical or just wanting to switch to tech for an exponential growth and learning, our Career Switcher program will give you the skills and confidence needed to pivot your career in tech. Career switching is not a piece of cake, there are no shortcuts and you would need to commit to a steady march ahead. Our teams will guide, mentor and walk with you towards your dream career.

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