Talent Training

Give your fresh hires the best opportunity to succeed from day one.

What we offer

Customized and engaging learning experiences that inspire and motivate learners

Your Problem

Garnering and harnessing human talent to increase your productivity can be an uphill task, especially when faced with tight schedules and deadlines.

How do you ensure that the talent you hired will meet the expectations and contribute to the organization’s growth?

Is your new hire a team player and more importantly is he/she “production-ready”?

Our Solution

 Training programs that are:


  • Job-focused, 
  • Industry-tested, 
  • Pedagogy-based,
  • Totally-transparent.

Why Gradious?

We combine our knowledge about focusattention, and memory with customized learning solutions that reflect your company’s structure, culture, and unique goals. Your organization has specific needs, and your employees deserve a relevant, engaging training plan.

We pride ourselves in providing a job oriented technical education which will ensure that the trainee can deliver from day one.

Gradious Advantage​

We offer the twin advantage of real-time experience along with dedicated guidance:

  • Industry trainers – Our curriculum is driven by the software professionals. They bring with them vast “on-the-field” experience and come from varied domain backgrounds. They teach from their experience and are in a position to not only impart knowledge but also share insights into real-world situations.
  • Dedicated associates – Each trainer is supported by a team of qualified and dedicated associates. These associates are there with the learner every step of their training. They not only offer dedicated support, but also supplement with their experience and knowledge.

We follow a fully tested and proven training process:

  • Topic Explanation – The concepts explained in detail by our trainers
  • Evaluation – An immediate and thorough evaluation to ensure understanding
  • Use Case Exercise- A walkthrough of a real-time usage example of the topic under study
  • Individual Assignments – To implement and further understand the concept
  • Assignment Evaluation – To quantify the understanding of the topic

We believe in total transparency and accountability.

Towards this goal, we will share with your team, for every intern a progress report every 15 days.

These reports include:

  1. Topic-wise evaluation – The evaluations mentioned in the above section will be shared with your
  2. Interview-based evaluation – Our team conducts regular interviews to assess the individual progress. These evaluations will also be shared with your team 
  3. Final observations – These indicate the overall progress of the learner along with our assessment.

We understand the importance of communication and team-work for the success of any project. Hence, we have incorporated into the curriculum a soft skills regime wherein the learners get to hone their 

  • communication skills – written and oral, 
  • interpersonal interactions
  • personality development
  • etiquette and 
  • decorum.

Our Offerings

You can choose from our pre-fabricated programs for a full-stack developer or DevOps/InfraOps professional

Full Stack Software Developer​

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Front End Basic – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Computer Architecture and Working with Operating systems
  • Front End Advanced – ReactJS
  • Backend – Node JS
  • Database & MySQL
  • End-to-End Application Building
  • Software Engineering
  • Live Project

Infrastructure & DevOps​

  •  Infrastructure Fundamentals – Linux basics, networking, system monitoring
  • AWS Fundamentals
  • Specializations (one of the following options):
    •  DevOps – Jenkins, Ansible, cloud automation, docker, Kubernetes
    • CloudOps – monitoring overview, cloud watch, CVE & patching, server & infra provisioning, data migration, backup & restore


You can also avail our custom training packs. We can develop a comprehensive curriculum with your requirements and inputs that focus on each individual step. You tell us your needs and we will come up with a training plan and deliver it.