Master Data Structures & Algorithms

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Launch your software career by learning the basic building blocks of any software program.

Gradious DSA program transforms a novice to an expert coder

Starting on July 1st

Why should you learn DSA?

Basic building block

It is a building block of any software development

Ability to write efficient code

Start writing code that can scale with billion records


Easily adapt to new technology with strong fundamental


Future challenges can be related with practiced problems

Required for Product-based interviews

Evaluated during selection with MAANG/GCCs

Program Outline


  • Iteration
  • Loops
  • Problem solving with loops (Array, Matrix, Rotation, Min, Max)
  • Search Algorithms
  • Sort Algorithms
  • Two Pointers, Sliding Window
  • Recursion & Hashing

Data Structures

  • String, Array, Set, Map
  • Hash Tables, Linked List, Stack, Queue
  • Tree, Heap, AVL Tree, Binary Indexed Tree, Segment Tree, LRU cache, LFU cache, N-ary Tree, Suffix Tree
  • Graph – BFS and DFS traversal, problem-solving patterns, topological sorting, shortest path, minimum spanning tree

Dynamic Programming

  • Top Down vs Bottom Up
  • Dynamic Programming vs Divide & Conquer
  • Problems Using DP
    • Climbing Stairs & Minimum coins
    • Max subarray & Longest subsequence
    • Number of Jumps & 0-1 Knapsack

Advanced Algorithm

  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Backtracking Algorithms
  • Numbers theoretic algorithms
  • Bit manipulation
  • Randomized algorithms
  • Geometry-based algorithms.


  • Object-oriented programming basics
    • Class
    • Object
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism

Database Fundamentals

  • Normalization
  • SQL
  • Joins
  • Aggregation
  • Indexes

From this program you will..

Learn to start writing code

  • Mastered problem-solving patterns
  • Developed an ability to analyze algorithmic complexity
  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of various data structures and the ability to choose the right Data structure for a given problem.
  • Learnt & practiced different algorithms and an ability to choose and apply them based on design situations.

Have written code for more than 200+ challenges

  • Exposed to various coding challenges commonly asked by top-tech companies.
  • Built an ability to relate any new coding challenge to the one you have solved.

Key Highlights of the Gradious DSA Program

This learning program acts as a stepping stone to the software industry. 

It is designed to help a novice gain skills in data structures and algorithms to ace interviews with top paying product companies, MAANG companies and GCCs

Structured curriculum, designed by industry professionals

Live Sessions by software developers from Microsoft, Google or similar companies

Extensive practice challenges of varying difficult within an integrated coding environment

Regular evaluation and continuous feedback with detailed progression

Regular mentorship with dedicated support and doubt solving with ease

Career guidance through mock interviews, profile building, and job/internship referrals

Career Services - That Get You Hired​

We’re committed to your success every step. Throughout the Gradious program, our devoted team will collaborate with you to initiate your career journey.

“Our goal is to ensure you’re fully prepared for your interview”

Learn Effective Communication

Build on your communication and collaboration skills from Day 1, with our 360-degree feedback based learning

Mock Interview

Attend unlimited mock interviews with our AI-based interview bot. Follow it up with interviews with industry professionals

Build Amazing Profile

Build an effective resume and professional profile to get visible to potential employers 

Job Updates

Access to our Job board with latest news and updates on all the opportunities that best fit your skills

Hands-On Workshops

With career success in mind we organise regular workshops that prepare you to tell your story and land that first job

Dedicated Placement Team

Our inhouse vastly experienced team will work with our hiring partners to ensure you grab every job opportunity

Get Certified

Get recognition for all the hard work you have done and learnt skills 

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Course Fee

 INR 20,000/-

Price is inclusive of taxes 

Additional scholarship based on GCAT

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