Jumpstart Program

Launch your career in the software industry

Why Gradious Program?

A program for fresh graduates & professionals with zero or minimal programming experience

Why career in Software industry?

Finding that perfect job and perfect career is a difficult task. With a variety of jobs and avenues to choose from, it is often confusing and difficult to zero in on one field.

The software industry with its exponential growth and several employment opportunities offers a tremendous possibility. It might seem like a complex field with all the talk about code and programming languages. But all one needs is a analytical mind and problem-solving skills. 

Also, gaining a competitive edge and standing out in the crowd to get placed can be tough. 

With our prep program, we ensure that you are fully capable of making a place for yourself in the software industry. With your dedication and hard work, you are sure to get a lucrative offer from by our hiring partners!

So get ready to make a difference and we are there with you. 

What makes a good software developer?

Analytical skills for problem-solving 

  • Do you approach life situations systematically? 
  • Do you weigh various options with an objective outlook? 

Then the software industry is the right fit for you. Whatever life skills you have developed so far qualify as computational thinking and problem-solving – the number one qualification of any good developer.

Knowledge of programming concepts not languages 

No one expects you to be well versed with the numerous programming languages available. 

All languages fall under two categories – structural or object-oriented. All you need is the conceptual knowledge of these two and you are good to go.

Confidence to face the real-life challenges

Interaction with seasoned software professionals, participating in appropriate webinars, gives you all that is needed in gaining confidence and setting the right expectations.

Soft skills 

Good communication skills – verbal and non-verbal is always an asset. As are your presentation skills, open mind and positive outlook.

Software Development Prep Program

  • broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming
  • Understanding Computer Science fundamentals including hardware, architecture and operating systems
  • Gaining knowledge and insights on how computers manage and store data 
  • Ability to write simple to complex algorithms
  • Programming concepts like using expressions, conditions, loops and arrays
  • Exposure to different styles of programming like Object-Oriented and Functional Programming
  • Learn how to read and understand other existing code
  • Bridge the gap between academic knowledge and working skills
  • Getting started with Java and write your first 50 programs
  • Fresh graduates from universities and colleges wanting to upskill
  • Students interested in the opportunity to build a career in the tech industry
  • Entry-level developers who want to further improve their software development capabilities
  • Non-IT Professionals who have a passion for software development but need some help to get started
  • Good analytical skills and aptitude
  • Laptop with Internet
  • commitment of time and hard work
  • Positive attitude
  • Computational Thinking – Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Algorithm and Abstraction 
  • Computer Hardware and Architecture 
  • Data and Storage 
  • Operating System 
  • Programming – Object Oriented Programming and Core Java, Expressions, Conditions, Loops, Array, Functions and Data Structures 
  • Networking & Internet 
  • Project to demonstrate the learning

What Next?

This course acts as a stepping stone to the software industry. 
By the end of the course, our partner companies would interview potential candidates leading to a full time employment offer.